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My Jacksonville Dentist is dedicated to serving Jacksonville residents and providing them with the best oral healthcare services available. Our dentists are chosen using the strictest requirements making sure that they are the best of the best. We know that you will find the top dental services you need whether it's more traditional procedures like family dentistry, crowns, implants, extractions, cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, braces, Invisalign, dental bridges, or more uncommon practices like TMJ dysfunction therapy or dental Botox. Our dentists also offer safe, and effective certified sedation techniques and use the most advanced soft tissue dental lasers. Whatever services you're looking for, we believe that you will be able to say you found, "My Jacksonville Dentist".

4 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Dentist


If you have moved to a new area and you want to find a professional and reliable dentist to take care of your teeth, you may want to ask some questions before you schedule your first appointment. By asking a few different questions prior to the appointment, you can figure out a bit more about the different services that are provided by that specific dentist.


What Dental Services Do You Provide?


Find out more about the services provided by the dentist by asking this question. While some dental professionals only provide general dental services, there are others that provide a long list of different services, including various restorative treatments and cosmetic treatments that can make your teeth look even better. You need to make sure you are scheduling an appointment with a dentist who can handle any of your dental concerns.


What Types of Insurance Do You Accept?


If you already have dental insurance, you may want to make sure the dentist you are visiting accepts the insurance you have. If your insurance is not accepted at a specific office, you would have to pay for the dental services you receive rather than having any coverage for those procedures, which could get a bit too costly for you. Many dentists accept dozens of different insurance plans.


Do You Handle Emergency Dental Problems?


When you experience a dental emergency, you may want to be able to visit a familiar face - someone you can trust to help you with your dental problems. Not all dentists provide emergency services, but My Jacksonville Dentist does. You may be able to find one who will examine your teeth and provide proper treatment if you are ever dealing with something serious at any random moment, such as a severe toothache or even a broken and loose adult tooth. While these emergencies may not happen to you too often, it is good to know if your dentist can help with those types of emergencies as soon as they occur.


Do You Offer Sedation?


If you have always had some anxiety when going to the dental office, you may be interested in finding a dentist who provides sedation options to patients. It is much easier to relax while having dental work done when you are under sedation. If you are going to need to undergo different procedures, some of which may cause slight discomfort, you may prefer being sedated to get through the procedure with ease and without worrying so much about how it is going to feel.


If you need to select a new dentist, ask these four important questions ahead of time to make sure you are scheduling an appointment with someone who provides the dental services you need.


It is definitely possible to find a dentist offering various services who also handles emergencies and provides sedation to patients when they want to feel more comfortable while undergoing specific procedures. When you find a good dentist, the experience of visiting the office for dental work is much less stressful and far more relaxing.